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SanoSkin® Melladerm® PLUS Tulle

***Available on FP10***

Product description

SanoSkin® Melladerm® PLUS-Tulle is a gel gauze made of specially woven, wide gauge, non-adherent polyester mesh impregnated with SanoSkin® Melladerm® PLUS honey gel. The gauge of the mesh is designed to allow wound fluid to pass through easily so it can be absorbed by the secondary dressing (compress or foam).

This medical grade honey is a patented formula that can be diluted 25 times before losing its antibacterial effect. The SanoSkin® Melladerm® PLUS honey gel consists of honey, PEG 4000, Propylene glycol, glycerol and is low to no-sting on application. When the Melladerm® PLUS-Tulle is in contact with the wound, fluid is extracted from the surrounding tissues. A moist wound healing environment together with the honey stimulates the wound healing process, resulting in decreased inflammation (less swelling and pain), facilitating autolysis and promoting epithelial cell migration.

Product Details

Product code Description Contents Unit Pip Code
STME1010 Melladerm® PLUS Tulle 10 x 10 cm 10 pieces 1 box 351-1516

Indications for use

Superficial wounds, abrasions, infected wounds, burns, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, sloughy wounds, necrotic wounds, malodorous wounds, surgical wounds, donor and recipient graft sites.


Do not use on individuals with a known sensitivity to honey or bee products.

Precautions and observations

  • Product contains honey, PEG 4000, glycerin and polyethylene glycol.
  • If necessary consult a healthcare professional for the appropriate medical treatment.
  • Inspect and clean the wounds with SanoSkin® Cleanser.
  • Bacterial colonisation of chronic wounds is always present and is not a contraindication for using
  • SanoSkin® Melladerm® PLUS.
  • Due to autolytic debridement the wound may appear deeper after the first dressing changes.
  • SanoSkin® Melladerm® PLUS is for single patient use only.
  • Do not use if package is damaged or opened.

Frequency of dressing change

3-5 days.

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