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SanoSkin® NET

***Available on FP10***

Product description

SanoSkin® NET has been developed for use as a primary wound dressing. SanoSkin® NET consists of a polyester woven net coated with a transparent hydrogel that is able to absorb excess exudate up to 15 times its own weight. It also acts as a contact layer. It creates a moist wound healing environment and is bacteriostatic (stops growth of bacteria in the wound). SanoSkin® NET provides a gentle and painless way of healing superficial wounds.

The gel layer will absorb initial production of exudate, secondary dressings will therefore not stick to the wound (performing an interface function). The NET can be used in conjunction with other ointments or gels such as SanoSkin® Melladerm® PLUS and SanoSkin® OXY.

Product details

Product code Description Contents Unit Pip Code
SN85120 SanoSkin® NET 8.5 x 12cm 5 x 1 piece 5 x 1 piece

Indications for use

SanoSkin® NET is a multipurpose wound contact layer providing exudate absorption and retention. The dressings are indicated for acute and chronic superficial wounds such as: bruises, skin tears, pressure ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, graft donor sites, cuts, first and second degree burns, postoperative wounds and other external wounds caused by trauma.


It should not be used on its own as a covering for dirty infected wounds (these should be cleansed first), third degree burns, deep narrow cavities.


If applied to a dry wound hydrate the dressing before removal. Recommended removal with SanoSkin® Cleanser

Frequency of change

SanoSkin® NET can stay on the wound for up to 7 days. It should be changed as indicated by the condition of the wound. When changing the secondary dressing SanoSkin® NET can remain in place.

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