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SanoSkin® OXY

Product description

SanoSkin® OXY is an ointment consisting of ozonated vegetable oil that facilitates wound debridement.
When the ointment comes in contact with wound fluid/water, the ozonides are released impeding bacterial growth and wound malodour. SanoSkin® OXY is a gentle gel that is able to create a moist wound healing environment. SanoSkin® OXY s a primary wound dressing that can be covered by most commonly used secondary dressings.

Product details

Product code Description Contents Unit Pip Code
OX30 SanoSkin® OXY 30 gram 1 x 30g tube 24 tubes

Indications for use

SanoSkin® OXY is used in the treatment of all superficial wounds. The gel creates a moist wound healing environment that helps the autolytic debridement of necrotic tissue. SanoSkin® OXY is also an excellent product to treat acne, eczema and foot fungus. Can also be used as a skin barrier to avoid maceration and as a hydrating agent for dry peri-wound skin.


Patients who are known to be sensitive to the ointment or one of its components.

Precautions and observations

  • If necessary consult a healthcare professional for the appropriate medical treatment.
  • Inspect and clean the wounds with a SanoSkin® Cleanser.
  • Bacterial colonisation of chronic wounds is always present and is not a contraindication for using SanoSkin® OXY.
  • Due to autolytic debridement the wound may appear deeper after the first dressing changes.
  • Seek medical supervision if signs of infection occur.
  • SanoSkin® Melladerm® PLUS is for single patient use only.
  • Do not use if package is damaged or opened.

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