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Cannula Cleaning

Cannula Cleaning Brushes – 35cm length

3-C-BR-2 2mm
3-C-BR-3 3mm
3-C-BR-4 4mm
3-C-BR-5 5mm
3-C-BR-6 6mm
3-C-BR-8 8mm



Toomey 60cc Hub
SuperLuerLok Hub
Luer Lock Hub

Cannula Cleaning and Sterilisation

Liposuction cannulas and handles must be sterilised before each use.
Standard cleaning instructions:

  1. Immerse in hot, soapy water.
  2. Carefully scrub internally with a cannula brush and stylet.
  3. Ultrasound and/or pressure water if available.
  4. Dry and Package.
  5. Autoclave at 265-270 degress, 25 psi for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Liposuction Handles for Fat Grafting

~ clean lumen cannula ~

Handle Internal View
Shippert Biplane Handle
Cannula runs entire handle length.
One smooth channel.
Clean lumen cannula.
Safe for fat grafting.
Standard Blue Aluminium Handle
Cannula stops approximately 1″ into the handle.
Rough channel and pockets of dead space.
Not safe for fat grafting

When harvesting and injecting tissue, precise care must be taken with instrument cleaning. The Biplane handle cannula runs the entire length of the handle to ensure complete and easy cleaning. Other common liposuction handles have irregular internal channels and pockets making them difficult to clean properly. Tissue and bacteria may accumulate in these dead spaces, increasing the risk for contamination.


White paper published in June 2011 issue of the
American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery

Are Your Liposuction Cannulas and Handle-Cannulas a Potential Problem if Used
for Autologous Fat Graft/Transfer?

Custom Orders

Cannulas are available in any hole pattern, diameter and length. Custom requests
can be made, contact us for details. Note: No returns on Cannula orders.