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Tissu-Trans FILTRON for fat grafting

Fat collection and filter unit that works inline with any existing equipment

The Tissu-Trans® units do not change the normal flow of the physician’s technique. Standard tumescent solution is infused.
The Tissu-Trans® unit is placed inline between the harvest cannula and the waste canister/suction source.
Large volume units may be attached by the universal bracket to a sterile-draped canister stand. Small volume units may be placed in sterile field. Suction pressure is reduced to 15”Hg and fat is drawn into the mesh filter within the canister.
Waste (blood, epinephrine, Xylocaine) and non-viable cells are pulled through the filter and are suctioned out to the waste canister via the removal tube.
When the desired volume is collected, The FILTRON unit is then inverted and the transfer tube attached.
The quality fat harvest is then drawn out directly into a luer lock syringe and is ready to re-inject. Sterile, fast, effective, quality harvest without exposure to ambient air, mess or hassle.

Filtron inline

  • Filters out non-viable cells during harvest
  • Works with any aspirator and current instruments
  • Eliminates centrifuge
  • All Filtering takes place during the harvest, significantly saving time
  • Sterile. Disposable
  • Proven fat viability
  • Fat easily transferred directly into syringes permitting minimal exposure to ambient air
  • No minimum purchase- order 1 at a time
  • Simple to use additives or wash

Tissu-Trans® FILTRON Procedure Diagram

Please see the instructional video below


Sterile. Disposable.

Each unit includes Transfer Tube and 6’ Harvest Tubing (ID 5/16” and OD 1/2”)