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Effective Prevention of Microbial Biofilm Formation on Urinary Catheters

  • Diminishes Bacteriuria by Prevention of Biofilm Formation
  • Increases Antibiotic Efficacy
  • Decreases Catheter Related Trauma
  • Reduces Pain and Discomfort Associated with Catheter Use

Designed to prevent the formation of biofilm on urinary catheters

Indwelling urinary catheters serve as an environment for bacterial attachment, biofilm formation and subsequent urinary tract infections (UTI). These infections may cause serious complications and may lead to increased mortality, extended hospital stay and increased medical costs. In fact, catheter-acquired infections are one of the most common iatrogenic complications. UroShield™ is a solution for the prevention of biofilm developing in indwelling urinary catheters.

Transforming catheters into active therapeutic devices

The UroShield™ generates ultrasound waves along both inner and outer surfaces of the catheter. These surface acoustic waves interfere with biofilm formation by inhibiting bacterial attachment and confer a protective effect on the mucosa, thus protecting it from catheter trauma. Independent studies at leading universities have shown that surface acoustic waves produced by UroShield™ enhance the ability of the immune system to fight biofilm. This critical combination of mucosal protection and enhancement of the immune system against biofilm are essential.

Decreasing pain, discomfort and catheter-related trauma

Urinary catheters are a common source of pain and discomfort to patients. UroShield™ is the first product to harness the known therapeutic effects of ultrasound such as tissue healing and muscle relaxation to treat the pain and discomfort associated with indwelling urinary catheter use. Clinical trials have shown that the acoustic sound waves generated by the UroShield™ along the urinary catheter result in a significant decrease in catheter-associated pain and discomfort.

Applied directly on the catheter The UroShield™ is composed of two components

A disposable component – the actuator, which is designed to clip onto the external portion of any Foley catheter, and a portable, battery powered driver unit which activates the actuator. Once the urinary catheter has been placed into the patient’s bladder, the actuator is clipped on the extracorporeal part of the catheter and the device is activated.